Champagne Mot & Chandon Magnum Brut Imprial (1.5 L)
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Главная » 2013 » Май » 17 » Champagne Mot & Chandon Magnum Brut Imprial (1.5 L)

Champagne Mot & Chandon Magnum Brut Imprial (1.5 L)

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Packaging 1,2,3 Время доставки Доставка в течение 10-15 рабочих дней Производителем вина Mot & Chandon Регионы Шампанское (Champagne) Наименование Champagne Цвет Белое вино Размер бутылки 1,5 L (Magnum) Сортовые Assemblage Champenois Вино рейтинге (Паркер) N/A Винзавод рейтинге (Паркер) 4 / 5 Evinit’s selection 3 / 5 Питание советы Другое (appetizers. ..) Носа Ароматом фруктов Рот Brioche Насладитесь Cухой (Brut) Сохранение потенциала 2017 Сохранение температура 10-15 °C Дегустация температура 8-10 °C Описание недвижимости Champagne Mot & Chandon Symbol of pleasure, beauty and sumptuous parties… In 1446, Jean and Nicolas Mot were ennobled by King Charles VII. A progeny of the Mot was born. It will give later his name to the greatest saga in the history of the Champagne. In 1743, Claude Mot, wine merchant in Epernay, founded the house Mot & Chandon. His grandson, Jean Rmy Mot with his visionary and pioneering spirit, will transform this trade company into the first international luxury brand. For more than 2 centuries, MOT & CHANDON has symbolized and shared, all around the world, the genius of the Champagne. Mot & Chandon’s champagnes are seductive with generous personality, distinguished by a bright fruity, a succulent taste and an elegant maturity. The caves, 28 km of tunnels dug in the colossal bench chalk of Champagne, offer a slow and great maturation to the wines. In terms of supply, Mot & Chandon ensures the widest range of parcels: more than 200 crus on the 323, present in Champagne. To this diversity of grapes comes a high quality: 16 of 17 Grands Crus and 28 of 41 Premiers Crus. Mot & Chandon is made from a systematic assembly of the three vines of champagne: chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. Enjoying a glass of Mot & Chandon is a dynamic and an evolving experience. Get enchanted by the glamour and the magic of MOT & CHANDON’s champagnes… Information Mot & Chandon - Champagne Brut Imprial - Magnum (1.5 L) is for sale and available in our web site. This great wine from Champagne can be shipped worldwide. Evinite is the specialist of great French wines.
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